Dr. Sangeeta Kalita

Dr. Sangeeta Kalita

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. : Gauhati University

Research Interests:

Stochastic process, Queueing Theory, Bio-Statistics
Date of Joining : Sep 30, 2015

Phone: 7002322623
Email: sangeeta.kalita@cottonuniversity.ac.in

Vidwan Profile


Career Profile/Services:

1. JRF at IASST (1996-2000)

2. Assistant Professor , THB College (2002-2015)

3. Assistant Professor, Cotton University (2015- till date)

Research Projects

Sl. No. Principal Investigator Co Principal Investigator Title of the Project Period Sponsoring Agency Sanctioned Amount Status
1 S.Kalita None “Batch Arrival Queueing Models with Vacations: An Analytical Study” 2005-2007 UGC 60,000.00 Completed
2 G.Choudhury S.kalita “Studies on Some Retrial Queueing Models with two phases of Service” 2006-2009 DST 7,90,000.00 Completed


Research paper publications till 2021

1. Some aspects of N-policy queueing system of type MX /G/1 with generalized vacation”. Pp 9-17 Far East Jour. Theo. Statistics, 3(1), 1999 ISSN: 0972-0863

2. “Some results of bulk service queue with finite waiting space” Pp 44-55 Stochastic Modelling and Application, vol-4, No. 2, 2001 ISSN: 0972-3641

3. “Analysis of a batch arrival Poisson queue under single vacation policy” Pp 81-91 Calcutta Statistical Association Bulletin, vol-53, March & June 2002, Nos. 209-210

4. “Some aspects of a batch arrival Poisson queue with N-policy” Pp 21-32 Stochastic Modelling and Application, vol-5, No. 2, 2002 ISSN: 0972-3641

5. “Analysis of the M/M/1 queueing system with an exponential set up time under N-policy with finite capacity” Pp 43-53 IAPQR Transactions, vol-28, No. 1, 2003 ISSN: 0970-0102

6. “On a batch arrival Poisson queue under threshold policy and a grand vacation” Pp 29-43 International Journal of Inf. Mgmt. Sc. Vol. 17, No. 3, 2005 ISSN: 1017-1819

7. “A Two Phase Queueing System With Repeated Attempts and Bernoulli Vacation Schedule” Pp 392- 407 International Journal of Operation Research, 5 (2009) ISSN: 1745-7645

8. “Model of Age Onset Distributions for the Study of Chronic Diseases in Assam, India” Pp 7-10 International Journal of Statistics and Analysis, Vol. 4, No. 1, 2014 ISSN: 2248-9959

9. “A Statistical Study on Awareness and Attitude of Students of Assam, India towards HIV/AIDS” Pp 72-82 Research on Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol.4, No. 16, 2014 ISSN: 2224-5766

Research Scholars

Sl.No Name Research Topic Roll No
1 Parag Saharia Demography

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Association with Professional Bodies:

1. Member of International Union for the Scientific Study of Population, Paris.