The new B.Sc and M.Sc. syllabi were implemented in the year 2018 based on Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) and Continuous Assessment and Grading Pattern (CAGP) following the guidelines of Cotton University with consultation with the faculty members of theDepartment. The responsibility and authority of making changes in the syllabi is with the University authorities. However, representatives of our department are included in the UG and PG Syllabus Committees of Courses of Cotton University.

          The department has established a society named ‘Cotton College Statistical Society’ (currently, ‘Cotton University Statistical Society’) in the year 1994 through which various departmental activities like maintenance of a library, a wall magazine etc. and organizing guest lectures for the benefit of the students as also social activities like organizing health camps, providing relief to victims of natural calamities etc. are conducted. The contributing members of the society are the teachers and students of the department.

Few other activities are listed below:

1)        Renewal of departmental wall magazine “Pratyush” (every year).

2)        Every year students are escorted by teachers from the department to visit different important places under educational trips (inside and outside Assam). 

3)        Interaction sessions of students with toppers of every batch of graduates.

4)        Parents -Teachers Meets for the students of the UG (Core)courses of Department.

5)        Seminar and Group discussions for UG and PG students.

6)        Participation of students and teachers in awareness drives of social relevance

A note on the corporate life of the members of faculty:

          The members of Faculty of the Department have been very actively associated with the corporate life of the Institution since the very early time. Prof.Jishnu Dutta was the pioneer in framing “Credit System” for UG admission in 1993. Dr. Kamal Barman was instrumental in the formation and the continuation of the ‘Cotton College Teachers’ Cooperative Society, and the coordinator of RUSA committee besides being the Convenor of Admissions and Examinations for several consecutive years. Dr. Bandana Sharma was the first lady General Secretary of Cotton College Teachers’ Association.

          Presently, Dr.RumaTalukdar is the General Secretary, Cotton University Teachers’ Association (CUTA), Dr.SangeetaBarthakur is the General Secretary, Cotton University Women Forum (CUWF) and Coordinator of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, and Proyaax 2018 as also the Deputy Director of ICRC, Dr.Dulumani Das is the Joint Convenor, Routine Committee. Over and above these, all the members of Faculty of the Department are active members of several committees formed by the University for the smoothfunctioning of its activities.